The Southeastern Conclave, renamed from the Northeastern Tarot Conclave when I moved to North Carolina, is a yearly gathering of tarot enthusiasts for the purpose of teaching, learning, laughing, and creating community. I envisioned the Conclave as an affordable event with the finest minds and hearts in tarot and divination presenting information in an intimate and convivial atmosphere. I look for themes and presenters that offer thought-provoking information and helpful, hands-on tools for readers at the highest level. The theme changes every year, but the quality of the event remains as constant as the King of Pentacles.

Due to COVID, this year the Conclave will be a virtual event. Looking forward to returning to the in-person event when this cruel pandemic is over.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. tarotnetau

    Good Morning,
    Ive recently taken on the role of Social Media Contact for the Tarot Guild of Australia, and as such, would love to hear more about this and any future events that you are running. Very happy to share with our members on all things tarot – so please forward any information that might be relevant.

    Wild Woman Tarot
    PO Box 331 Albury NSW 2640
    http://www.tarot.net.au 0409 777 116

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