2021 Southeastern Tarot Conclave Rescheduled to March 18-20, 2022

March 18-20, 2022

Embodying Home in a Changing World:
Centering Ourselves Through the Medium of Tarot


The former Northeastern Tarot Conclave is now known as the Southeastern Tarot Conclave, because both it and I relocated to North Carolina. But no matter the venue, the Conclave continues to hew to my original vision: an affordable, intimate gathering of the most substantive, high caliber tarot practitioners in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Speaking of a “changing world,” due to COVID 19, while this year’s Conclave was being planned as a live, in-person event, I am cognizant that I don’t control pandemics. I said I would comply with CDC Regulations and suggestions, which is why it is now a Zoom event. I have planned events and access so that we will find a way to interact socially as well as learn from wonderful teachers.

The theme of the 2021 Southeastern Tarot Conclave is based on the many shifts we have lived through in the last few years:  Embodying Home in a Changing World: Centering Ourselves Through the Medium of Tarot. Many of us have been altered in multitudinous ways, both consciously and not-so-consciously. The Tarot can help us to name and claim the home(s) we seek.

I could not be more excited and delighted that two of our presenters, Joanna Powell Colbert and Jennifer Lucero-Earle, are both so much more than tarot experts. They have presented, individually and together, many workshops that integrate multiple modalities of learning and healing that really do touch us on all levels: mind, body, heart, and soul.

As always, this Tarot Conclave is dedicated to exploring new methods and techniques that help us read for ourselves and others in a wise and profound manner–while having fun and spending time with old and new friends at the same time. This weekend we will, as a group, work interactively with numerous modalities in order to provide an engaging space for those whom we read and serve, most of all, ourselves.

About the Event

The Tarot Community has been isolated and online for too long. Friday we have an online tarot party, with games and the opportunity to connect.

There will be three workshops on Saturday — you can read the full descriptions here.

Journaling Yourself Home (or Rooting Yourself in Your Mind) – Diane Wilkes

Rooting Yourself in Your Body – Jennifer Lucero-Earle

Rooting Yourself in Place – Joanna Powell Colbert

Saturday night, I have added a Round Robin Tarot event for those who are, like me, always ready for more tarot engagement.

On Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm, Joanna and Jennifer will co-present a workshop combining tarot, movement, and journaling.

An hourlong panel discussion with all three presenters will finish out the weekend event. Feel free to send questions in advance to me.

The cost of the event is $275.

There will be a special offer from Tarot Garden for our attendees.

Workshops and Presenters


About the Conclave

Email me with any questions or concerns.

There is a Facebook group for the Conclave.

No refunds. Enrollment is not transferable.

Vaccine requirements are no longer applicable.

If you need one, please email me to arrange an installment plan.


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