Southeastern Tarot Conclave 2019


Therapeutic Tarot

Friday October 4th to Sunday October 6th, 2019

Art of Living Retreat Center

639 Whispering Hills Road

Boone, North Carolina

For the past seven years, the Northeastern Tarot Conclave, organized by Diane Wilkes, was known as an event where attendees experienced the highest level of tarot innovation and scholarship in an intimate setting. Presenters of distinction included Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack, Robert Place, Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, Donnaleigh de laRose, Rana George, and many others of note.

Diane Wilkes has relocated to North Carolina and so has this high caliber, themed conference, which is now known as the Southeastern Tarot Conclave.

The inaugural Southeastern Conclave presenters include Mary K. Greer, Nina Lee Braden, and hometown legend Beth Owl’s Daughter.  This year’s theme is “Therapeutic Tarot.” We will focus on systems, techniques, and spreads that expand participants’ ability to offer querents (and ourselves) psychologically-informed and wise readings in which both reader and querent participate in the healing process.

The event begins on Friday afternoon, with time for participants to enjoy the extensive features of the Art of Healing Center, as well as tarot themed activities for attendees. Nestled in the mountains of beautiful Boone, North Carolina, the location of the Art of Healing Center makes the Conclave a destination event, complete with a spa, gourmet vegetarian meals, various accommodation options, yoga classes, and even a labyrinth.

This Tarot Concave is dedicated to exploring new tactics and stratagems that will help us read for ourselves and others in a wise and healing manner, restoring needed balance while remembering that each person is ultimately in charge of his or her own well-being. This weekend we will, as a group, work interactively with numerous modalities in order to provide an engaging, safe, and holistic space for those for whom we read and serve.

About the Event

You will want to arrive early on Friday in order to take advantage of the spa, labyrinth, and beautiful hiking trails available at the Art of Living Retreat Center.

Dinner is served at 5:30 p.m. At 7 p.m., there is a newcomer orientation class and then we will have a meet and greet with some tarot-themed surprises.

There will be three workshops on Saturday:

Mary Greer: The Gifts, Problems and Pitfalls of Tarot Readers in a Therapeutic Tarot Situation

We will explore how to be present with clients and, indeed, oneself in a therapeutic reading. We will cover matters such as projection and transference as well as the kinds of questions to ask that assist a querent in discovering their own truth.

Nina Lee Braden: Death and the Death Card

Through the prism of therapeutic tarot, attendees will examine and discover their deepest feelings and beliefs about the Death card and death itself—as well as how the tarot can sustain us through our own “seasons of death.” Transformation is not optional.

Beth Owl’s Daughter: If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him: Fostering Independence and Empowerment in Tarot Clients

As Tarot readers and guides, we are motivated by our deep desire to serve, and to help others.

But what, exactly, does “helping” mean? How can we improve our ability to serve with the Tarot so that our clients’ situations actually improve, and they can move forward with grace and confidence? 

We will discuss and practice how to bring our most skillful, compassionate aid to the table.

On Sunday, we will enjoy a lively panel: Tarot—Bridging the Divination/Psychological Tarot Divide,  followed by an in-depth, three hour- presentation by Mary K. Greer on “A Jungian Approach to Tarot.”

There is so much more to Tarot than simply reading the cards. We’ll explore a whole other dimension provided by Carl Jung and his pioneering explorations into the human psyche through his methods for achieving Individuation by activating the Transcendent Function within the individual.

This exclusive event is limited to 78(!) people. I anticipate that we will have to increase enrollment beginning in 2020.

If you wish to attend the 2019 Tarot Conclave, the cost is $300.

If you happen to live in Boone, you can commute to the event and pay for the Conclave and a $130 fee for food and all amenities. However, if you are not staying on campus, you can ONLY register for the Conclave by contacting the Art of Living Retreat Center by phone at 1-800-392-6870.

Depending on the accommodations you choose at the Art of Living Retreat Center, all of which includes both lodging and all meals, as well as access to the labyrinth, hiking trails, spa, etc., your total cost will vary; this is all explained on the registration page:

Southeastern Tarot Conclave 2019 Registration

There will be a selection of used and rare tarot decks for purchase during workshop breaks for your perusing pleasure.

Transportation:  If you are flying in to Charlotte, you can rent a car or take a Hickory Hop shuttle from the airport to the Art of Retreat Living Center. Directions are provided on the Art of Retreat Living Center website. 

Email me if you have additional questions.

There is a Facebook group for the Conclave.