2020 Southeastern Tarot Conclave



November 20-22, 2020

Intermingling the Oracles:
Tarot and . . .


The former Northeastern Tarot Conclave is now known as the Southeastern Tarot Conclave, because both it and I relocated to North Carolina. But no matter the venue, the Conclave continues to hew to my original vision: a reasonably priced, intimate gathering that combines the most substantive and high caliber of tarot presenters with a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Due to COVID 19, it doesn’t really matter what region I currently hail from–this year’s Conclave will be virtual on Zoom.

I’ve had the joy of attending workshops with Carrie Paris. Ellen Lorenzi-Prince has presented at the Conclave twice. Third time’s the charm (double entendre). Both are nonpareil presenters and human beings. I am thrilled to bring them to you. They are the kind of presenters I look for when I plan each Conclave: substantive, knowledgable, and gracious.

This year’s theme:  Intermingling the Oracles: Tarot and . . .  Tarot is a multi-purpose tool that offers readers a complete and balanced implement for providing rich and profound readings. Like the Cheese, it can stand alone.

But why must it? Other oracles have specific functions and flavors that add different colors and textures to your interpretation, especially if you recognize the unique qualities of each system. Synthesizing informational sources augments what tarot provides on its own. This Conclave, learn how to transform your readings from the expected and familiar into a colorful, sui generis experience that reflects your particular gifts and predilections.

(The words “prediction” and “predilection” just seem to go together!)

As always, this Tarot Conclave is dedicated to exploring new tactics and stratagems that help us read for ourselves and others in a wise and profound manner–while having fun and spending time with old and new friends at the same time. This weekend we will, as a group, work interactively with numerous modalities in order to provide an engaging space for those whom we read and serve.

About the Event

On Friday evening, Carrie Paris and I will introduce the Jane Austen Oracle to the world. A Southeastern Conclave premiere from 7 to 9 p.m.! If you choose to purchase the Oracle, you will receive a special Only-to-the-Conclave discount.

There will be three workshops on Saturday — you can read the full descriptions here.

The Tarot and . . . Astrology – Diane Wilkes

The Tarot and . . . How to Make & Utilize Casting Kits for Accurate Divining- Carrie Paris

The Tarot and . . . Writing – Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

On Sunday morning, Carrie will present on Jane Austen, Mediumship, and the Tarot.  You can read the full description here.

In the afternoon, Ellen will offer her individual take on combining Tarot and Trance.

An hourlong panel discussion with all three presenters will finish out the weekend event. Feel free to send questions in advance to me.

This event was SOLD OUT, but is now open to ten more potential recipients.

The reduced cost (due to the change from in person to online) is $100.

There will be a selection of used and rare tarot decks for purchase during workshop breaks for your perusing pleasure.

Workshops and Presenters


About the Conclave

Email me to be placed on the waiting list or if you have additional questions.

There is a Facebook group for the Conclave.

Refund Policy: Complete refund (minus $25 for fees) until October 20, 2020

No refunds. Enrollment is not transferable.Save