Workshops and Presenters



Diane Wilkes:  Rooting Yourself in Wisdom: Sage-ing the Tarot

Many of us use the tarot in a variety of ways, including working with the cards to provide wise counsel for ourselves and others. Conscious practice entails developing and nourishing many different skills and benefits from exploring multiple modalities from wisdom schools of many faiths and spiritual approaches and practices. In this workshop, we will use experiential techniques to recognize and cultivate our own Wise Tarot Eldering.

Joanna Powell Colbert:  Rooting Yourself in Place

Do you feel at home in the place where you live, or does “home” always seem to be somewhere out of reach? In this workshop, we’ll explore ways to come into a reciprocal relationship with the land outside our doors, whether we live in a city, a rural area, or somewhere in-between. The wisdom of the tarot will support and illuminate our explorations into why cultivating a reciprocal relationship with the land where we live is vital for our well-being, for the land itself, and for our communities.

Jennifer Lucero Earle:  Rooting Yourself in the Body

To be embodied is to give tangible expression to whatever we are feeling, thinking, and experiencing. A changing world undeniably influences how we live and feel in our bodies and our lives. The changes in the outer world that affect our inner world can propel our nervous system from calm and at ease to on edge and anxious. These changes can sometimes take us from being present in our bodies to a place of disconnection. It can take us from a sense of belonging and connection to fight, flight or freeze. When the changing world begins to shift the platelets of our lives, we can navigate our way back home to ourselves with tarot and embodied practices.

In this workshop, we will use tarot to more deeply understand what is happening in our bodies, especially within our nervous system, and explore practices that can send signals to your body to restore calm, connection, joy, and stability.


Joanna Colbert Powell and Jennifer Lucero Earle

What kind of world is possible when we are rooted in ourselves and in a reciprocal relationship with the land that sustains us? On Sunday, we will weave together our weekend explorations and expand upon them. We will individually and collaboratively imagine the potential world-transforming impact of bringing our embodied and rooted selves, in reciprocity with the land, into the collective world at large. We will creatively play and explore the possibilities using our tarot cards, embodied movement prompts, and self-reflective journaling. 


Joanna Powell Colbert is a sacred artist, earth mystic, beach walker, moon lover, and caller of circles. She is the creator of the Gaian Tarot and the Majors-only Pentimento Tarot, and co-creator of the Herbcrafter’s Tarot. Her work as a teacher and guide is grounded in earth-­centered spirituality, seasonal contemplative practices, creativity as a devotional path, and using the tarot for inner guidance and self­-exploration. She lives on the edge of woods and village near the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwest.

Jennifer Lucero-Earle is the creator of ArcanaDance™, a therapeutic practice designed to facilitate self-discovery, empowerment, transformation & healing through a fusion of tarot, guided movement & music. If tarot cards could dance, this is what they’d look like! A seasoned tarot reader of over 30 years, she also teaches dance and yoga, has a master’s degree in experiential health and healing, and is currently in training to become a somatic therapist. Jennifer’s workshops interweave tarot, somatic movement, and various trauma-informed healing arts. Proudly born in the Bronx NY as a first generation American born to a Puerto Rican mother and Argentinean father, she now calls Chapel Hill, NC her beloved Home.

Diane Wilkes has been reading cards for others for over 50 years. She partnered with Arnell Ando on a limited-edition Majors Only Tarot deck, the Storyteller Tarot, writing the companion book. She assumed the role of webmistress of Michele’s Tarot Page, a foundational and popular website, renaming it Tarot Passages. Soon thereafter, she created the Jane Austen Tarot, published by Lo Scarabeo. In addition to teaching tarot and astrology and conducting tarot and astrology workshops for many years, Diane has organized and operated a tarot conference on the east coast for the last nine years. She maintains an active tarot and astrology practice. Her most recent publication is the Jane Austen Oracle, a collaboration with Carrie Paris. She is currently working on a new book, Journaling with the Tarot.

Additionally, Diane is a Certified Tarot Grand Master and Tarot Elder.